What we prefer for our apparel, and why we prefer!

What we prefer for our apparel, and why we prefer!

There are always a lot of options for people who choose the apparel by fabric and those who choose the apparel by style. Trend-setters and trend- followers. Depending on what is on high demand CC style always keeps in mind both the quality of the fabric as well as the trend which it is supposed to set. 

The Como lake of Italy is a famous hub for those who have a keen interest in knowing about the textiles and the fabrics. A beautiful place for beautiful silk. The purity of the place and the fabric shows that the inspirations that CC style took from those were an exquisite choice of fabric with a classy clear cut edge to the clothing.



Spandex, Nylon, Cotton are used to give fabric a natural stretch and maintain their comfort level. It also gives the dress a plain and simplistic look. Everything is made in Canada and is made for Canada. 

These are some of the glimpses of the fabric used in CC style apparels. 

What are your thoughts on the apparel we design. CC style would love to know about it.


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