Stylist’s Choice

Stylist’s Choice

    We are entering the era of fashion ruling the digital and the real world. Quotes have been showered about it way before in our favorite television series as well like, “The secret of great style is to feel good in what you wear”. Haven’t we heard all this before?

   In the present world of fashion influencers and stylists, Casa Como Stle went out to seek perspective from some of the creative fashion stylists and costume designers of what they think of our designs. One such was from Michelle Lyte, our valuable friend, and a costume designer, who portrayed a few pieces from the Casa Como Style  collection on her social media platform.

  The peekaboo black trousers and the coconut cream dress were her comfort choices which she displays beautifully in her outfit styling. What you love you slay it, isn’t it? She showed her love for some of the outfits of her choice from Casacomo, and now it’s your turn.

 Casa Como Stye makes you feel beautiful in your choice of outfit, which you can style it the way you feel the best and introduce others to a completely new trend! How exciting that is! We thank the lovely Michelle Lyte to show us some of her choice pics, and we want you to chose what you love from Casa Como and style it as well.


  We can see how well she styled the peekaboo black trousers with a see through top and a hat.

While in the second image, she adorns the dress beautifully just accessorizing it minimal with a bag to keep the highlight on the dress.

We love and appreciate both the ways; she has slayed our products. And now it’s your turn to show us your choice!

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