Startup Fashion Week! Montreal 2018

Startup Fashion Week! Montreal 2018

The Journey of Fashion! Does it ever end? Never. The destinations are innumerable but every end of the journey is a start of the new one. New innovations have always dazzled the fashion industry and continues to do so. Therefore it is a really proud moment for us to be involved in one such sparkling event!

Casa Como Style and Boutique is really happy to share the news of being one of the main sponsors in the Startup fashion week taking place in Montreal, June 2018.

Proud apparel sponsor for SFW Montreal. the founder : Jodi Goodfellow, innovative, empowered, fashion entrepreuner, and her runway show producer :  Aimon Syeda to work together for this 2018. Wish the best on RUNWAY Ladies!, June 20-22 2018.

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